Dirt Nerd Soil Co.

Spare your food scraps from the landfill, sign up for compost collection!


Compost Collection Services

Interested in bi-weekly compost pick up? Sign up today! Now serving Daajing Giids, Skidegate, and Masset. Live elsewhere? Sign up for our collection waitlist.

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Buy Compost & Worm Castings

We sell locally made, high-quality, microbially-active soil amendments for your garden and houseplants. Meet us at your local farmer's market to see our products.


Christina Jewell &
Emily Peer-Groves

We are recent graduates of UBC’s Land and Food Systems faculty, where we both graduated with Bachelor of Science degrees focusing on plant and soil science with an interdisciplinary approach to sustainable food. We are also friends and moved to Haida Gwaii in 2020! In our degree programs, we learned about the complexities of today’s food systems, and the knowledge behind how to design them for sustainability and resilience.

Through our studies we learned how foundational soil is to the health of food systems and thus to the health of communities. We are driven to bring our passion for healthy food systems to our community through composting and making gardening more accessible.